About Us
   Who are our key team members?




  What we do?

As our name denotes, we provide travel & tourism services in three dimensions.

1. We offer ready-made  tour packages for various destinations with our logo endorsed on them.   [set menu]

2We offer travel & tourism related services like vehicle rental, air tickets booking, hotel booking, travel insurance booking, visa related services to free independent travelers. [à la carte]

3We also offer tailor-made tour packages with your request. In additon our community based operational dimension has offered a booking space for selected accommodation sites, registered tour guides, tourist drivers and other travel and tourism related, registered freelancers allowing their content on our website.[limited edition]

  When the company established?

 The company is officially registered as a Limited ability company at registrar of companies in Sri Lanka on 4th of November 2022

 This company was formed as a measure of uplifting the lives of professionals engaged in the field of travel and tourism in Sri Lanka.

 Our community-based approach is becoming popular and it is attracting more and more service providers and customers around the world day-by-day.

  Where we’re established?

We’re officially registered at the 81/35, Center Road, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka

• Being an Online Travel Agency, all of our office-based team members, even not work under  the same office premises.

Most of our team members work as digital nomads scattered around the world.

  Why you should select us?

• As a responsible company, we ensure the quality and cost effectiveness of individual travel related services offered to our free Independent Travel customers.

Every individual is having his/her own “taste” and it is really understood only by someone with the same “taste”.

• Packages with special “taste” may offered by freelance publishers with same taste through our community-based approach, where the “taste” of the package is depicted with the reviews received by such freelancers.

Our company has identified the common "taste" and we cater tour packages for them best fitted to their budget.